The Philippine craft beer industry is still very young and challenging, but Stephen Co believes in Filipino creativity and food innovation so much that he started Nipa Brew Craft Beers.
Starting a fitness routine is something many of us find very difficult to start as well as sustain, either going to the gym weekly or restricting ourselves on a healthy diet. Nica, a fitness coach and co-founder of the workout space Calibarzz, shares what she does to stay fit and healthy. 
To see someone young in this line of business that we barely even see through our electronic portable screens is beyond those connotations of what millennials are. Farmer Enzo is the chief farmer of Earthbeat Farms where they plant, grow, and deliver fresh produce. 

Leading a global team requires a significant amount of discipline, extra effort, and a slightly different leadership style. It’s a test of influence – uniting people from diverse backgrounds and with different working styles towards a single goal. Tough, but highly rewarding.

Surprises can come in all kinds of tender forms—an impromptu out-of-town trip, a small unexpected gift, or even the sound of a bark that welcomes you home. This somehow paints the life of serial entrepreneur Migi Manalastas who is Chief Barkitect of Bow House and Meow House, two endeavors dedicated to providing well-designed products for our most lovable animal companions.
The image should be perfectly clear. Yet, surprisingly, even that drawn-out picture fails to capture the entirety of Melissa Ramos, resident violinist of the local band Indayo, an up-and-coming five-piece indie alternative act.
All roads lead to food—this is true, especially so, in the journey of Chef Iñigo Arenal.
For advertising student Blew David, the world is half-adventure and half-enlightenment—while some may be quick to point out her interest in all things fresh and bright, she’s also an avid reader and learner. Whatever she takes from the two, whether it’s the wonder of curiosity or the thrill of it, it becomes something she wants to share to the world.
Paola Santiago Clarito is a 27 year old graduate of Physical Therapy from the University of Sto.Tomas. She started her career working in hospitals as a licensed PT, but there was always that lingering feeling she was meant to be doing something else, something that would stir her imagination, something that would unchain the limits of her fantasies and creativity. She eventually found her real calling not in the confines of a hospital but in the less constricting world of the arts.

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