Artist Feature: Nica Banag

Artist Feature: Nica Banag

“Starting is the most important thing. Start and be patient and enjoy the process.”


 Starting a fitness routine is something many of us find very difficult to start as well as sustain, either going to the gym weekly or restricting ourselves on a healthy diet. Nica, a fitness coach and co-founder of the workout space Calibarzz, shares what she does to stay fit and healthy. She doesn’t have a specific routine that she is strict about, but she does exercise as much as possible to sustain her fitness and healthy life.

We ask Nica about what motivates her in her craft.

Q: Could you share your fitness routine with us?

Nica: I don’t really have a routine. I teach indoor cycling at least twice a week so that’s what I do for cardio. On other days, it’s legs, arms, or core whichever I think needs more work.

Q: What are your secrets for keeping yourself healthy and motivated

Nica: I love the fact that I’m able to help people achieve their fitness goals. I’m enjoying my daily life and that motivates me to train regularly and eat healthy.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing in trying to be healthy?

Nica: Starting is the most important thing. Start and be patient and enjoy the process.Any advice for our followers who want to achieve their dream bod
and #workoutGoals, but have a hard time pursuing their goals.

Just start somewhere. There are lots of workout videos online which can be done at home. Bodyweight training doesn’t need any equipment. Most Youtube workout videos don’t require anything so it’s not an excuse. It’s all about mindset. Think of how you want to look or feel like and use that as your motivation.

Any future plans?

Nica: My goal is to just keep getting better with my craft. I have really big goals, but I plan more for the short term. I wanna be ready for that next opportunity that will lead me closer to my goals.

Nica also teaches Calisthenics which is body weight training. In Calibarzz, they also hold classes for indoor cycling, boxing and yoga. She draws strength and motivation from seeing other people who also work hard in achieving their fitness goals to follow her own fitness goal as well.

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