Artist Feature: Blew David


For advertising student Blew David, the world is half-adventure and half-enlightenment—while some may be quick to point out her interest in all things fresh and bright (imagine: a beach bathing in the shine of a summer sun), she’s also an avid reader and learner (imagine: how much Youtube can one really binge on?) Whatever she takes from the two, whether it’s the wonder of curiosity or the thrill of it, it becomes something she wants to share to the world.

As if it couldn’t be any more perfect, the thesis she’s working on marries the two sides ambitiously—she’s tackling the promotion of the growing creative(s) culture here in the Philippines, all via an event that aims to bring different circles of people together. With her, it’s always about passionate learning. It just happens to be much more exciting if people are learning together.

As a student, what aspect of your college life is your favorite?

As a student, my favorite is getting to widen my circle and meeting other people.

Why did you choose advertising as your college degree?

I chose advertising because it offered a lot of courses that I could work on to help me find out what I want to focus on and get equipped with the skills I need in the professional world.

What are your extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities involved joining organizations and being involved in the local art/media scene.

Aside from schoolwork, what other projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on illustrations, and an event called MAKA which will happen on December, check it out at

For you, what is most important in being a student?

I think what’s most important is being able to listen and absorb as much as you can, so when you need it most, you’re prepared in life.

How would you describe your college life so far?

So far, it’s just awesome. I get to be involved in all the different scenes that I wanna be in and it helped me grow holistically.


Any plans or dreams after college?

Plans after college? Travel around the Philippines, and then the world!

Being connected is the over-arching philosophy in Blew’s journey—she would admit as much that she spends most of her time in social media, anyway—but this need for connection is not merely technological. It’s a desire to see various lives intersect, to see people form genuine bonds over the common language of beauty. Whether it’s the way we talk about art and creativity, or the way we find ourselves in awe of the world, it’s always a step forward.

For Blew, living and being in this world is always the blooming of a new discovery.

Follow her discoveries at IG: blewdavid / crazyfemalebrain

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