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Sawyer Bag

in 4 colors  |   ₱1,800.00
A handy dandy 3-way bag that works as a slouch sling bag, a tote bag, and a clutch bag. The playful 2-tone colors make this bag quirky yet classic allowing...

City Bag

in 5 colors  |   ₱3,700.00
Gouache city bags are made for your urban adventures – ready to go anywhere and everywhere you want to take it. This satchel will never go out of style--donning a...

Harvey Bag

in 6 colors  |   ₱2,500.00
Designed by street photographers for street photographers. It fits your Fujis or Leicas but can also fit your regular DSLR or mirrorless cameras! Holga’s big brother, the Harvey Bag can...

Sweeney Pouch

in 6 colors  |   ₱850.00
Presenting your trusty Sweeney Pouch bag! Whether you’re going on a short trip on the mountains or a long vacation trip, the Sweeney Bag takes care of your toiletries, keeping...

Jacinda Jute Tote

in 4 colors  |   ₱1,300.00
A light all-around Tote bag that comes in neutral tones. Jacinda's handle is comfortable enough to hold and wear over your shoulders. Perfect for anyone who's always on-the-go. Dunk your...

Pigeon Bag

in 4 colors  |   ₱2,600.00
The Gouache Pigeon Bike bag is a handy bag that you can use in the city and a bag you can use for your slick bikes. This durable bag has...

Kahlo Bag

in 4 colors  |   ₱3,800.00
The Gouache Kahlo Bag unisex tote comes with a lot of unique features. Inspired by Tokyo fashion, this lightweight line was designed to be multi-purpose city hand bag. The Kahlo...

Rumi Tote Pack

in 4 colors  |   ₱3,400.00
Made for Him. Her. Them. You.   While Rumi looks slim from the outside, its internal compartment is roomy – enough to fit your laptop, gadgets, and documents.  Its nylon...

Ross Knapsack

Otto Mini



Theodore Dopp Kit

Hudson Tote

Watch Roll

Why Waxed Canvas?

Gouache is the pioneer of canvas waxing in the local bag industry. This technique requires each bag to be meticulously handcrafted and guarantees that each piece has a unique finish. No two Gouache creations are the same, and your waxed-canvas bags age and grow more interesting as you wear them.

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Versatile & Durable

Our pieces are unique, versatile for all your needs, and long-lasting

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