Sweeney Pouch

    in 4 colors  |   ₱850.00
    Presenting your trusty Sweeney Pouch bag! Whether you’re going on a short trip on the mountains or a long vacation trip, the Sweeney Bag takes care of your toiletries, keeping...

    Theodore Dopp Kit

    in 3 colors  |   ₱1,100.00
    A bigger kit for the dapper man, The Theodore Dopp kit is a man’s essential. We know your swag tools, I'm sure this bad boy can fit them in well. ...

    Danny Dangle

    in 3 colors  |   ₱270.00
    In Gouache, purpose and style come together. This two-toned rectangular dangle is made from Gouache’s production retasos, upcycling our fabric scraps. It comes with a key ring that you can attach...

    Mikko Pouch

    Upcycling is the way to go! This two-toned rectangular multipurpose pouch is made from Gouache’s production retaso. This pouch can fit in any kit or bag and is popularly used...

    Molly Dangle

    in 2 colors  |   ₱270.00
    In Gouache, we believe that every inch counts. Molly Dangle, a two-toned triangular dangle, is made from Gouache’s production retaso. Made from upcycled fabric scraps, the Molly comes with a...

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