Artist Feature: The Bloomfields

Artist Feature: The Bloomfields

As our generation’s iPods and music players swarm with the newest tracks, it’s refreshing to listen to a band like The Bloomfields. Listening to their rendition of classic 60’s music always feels like home during the holidays – stirring, pumped, but at the same time cozy and comfortable. It used to be so taxing to find worthy old songs; good thing the guys of The Bloomfields are here to save our young necks from the chore.

The Blooming Years

It was back in their third year at De La Salle Green Hills that a group of friends thought of forming a band. Like every other band, The Bloomfields started small, playing in fairs and events within campus. Over time people saw how they clicked, like cogs would when they fit perfectly. That clicking sound grew to a shot that’s heard around the world, developing a loyal fan base within, and beyond, our nation’s borders. They have, in fact, played on stages set in Hong Kong, Macau, Kuwait, and even in the US. You can’t contain great talent to one place anyway. To date, the band has released a self-titled album and the latest all-original album entitled Hit The Ground Running. They also contributed a track alongside other local acts in Kami NAPO Muna, an album paying tribute to local legend, The Apo Hikings Society. Be it a cover or an original song, The Bloomfields will never cease to gift us with catchy tunes and even catchier eye candies, which we can see offstage with their quirky music videos, and onstage with their powerful live performances. Now, more than a decade later, after a small roster changes and a big frog leap towards refining their music and image (they’re actually a corporation now!), The Bloomfields continues to tear through the fabric of rock and roll with their energetic tunes with dashes of mesmeric ballads. If you see a group of charming individuals wearing the 1960’s chic of tight coat and ties, rallying a thrilled audience, there’s a good chance it’s these guys up on stage.

Excelling Across Fields

The local music scene is thriving with great bands, but being dubbed as “The Beatles of the Philippines” means that you don’t just play great, but you also come just as rare. To wit, you don’t often see a band in which every member can steal the microphone stand. Yes, while they can all play their gears effortlessly, each of them can also sing, and greatly, at that. You come to see one man singing and you get a show; you come to see four, like the men of The Bloomfields, and you get no less of a spectacle of sounds none else can replicate. If there still aren’t enough things to laud these guys for, maybe being social advocates can put the last feather on their caps. Senyas Kamay, a non-profit support organization for the differently-able and the hearing impaired, has worked closely with The Bloomfields. This is where music transcends its medium, and serves beyond pleasantry. By holding a benefit concert for Ondoy victims thru Senyas Kamay back in October 2009, the band solidified its commitment to help those in need, and when most needed. Indeed, a musician should be as eager in spreading his music as in instilling social awareness and responsibility to his listeners. And the best part is, everybody wins in that setup: the band gets to help people in dire need, and we, as their audience, get to fill our ears with infectious music. Nobody but The Bloomfields to thank for that!

Who Says Daddy’s Music are No Fun?

With Lakan Hila on keyboards and lead guitar, Louie Poco on bass, Rocky Collado on drums, and Dino Pascual on rhythm, any listener, no matter how old or how young they may be, can now enjoy the good old tunes of 60’s. Only difference is that, the guys of The Bloomfields are alive, complete, and they’re conveniently closer to home. If the classic tunes won’t convince you, go to their show, get your fill, and be part of the standing ovation, that is, if everyone wasn’t standing yet.


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